Total Alkalinity

Online measurement of total alkalinity provides significant advantages over intermittent manual testing. This includes maintaining optimal conditions for the Langelier Saturation Index, optimising alkalinity levels in swimming pool water. Historically, online total alkalinity measurement instruments have been costly and challenging to operate and maintain. However, AlkaSense® introduces an innovative approach by utilising an online conductivity sensor for measurement, which is both cost-effective and simple to maintain.

By utilising the onboard, pool specific control algorithms AlkaSense® can be used to automatically control acid or CO2 dosing to control the alkalinity or can control the ratio of CO2 to acid dosed when both are dosed together to automatically control the total alkalinity and the pH, simply and effectively in any pool or spa.


Conventional online total alkalinity meters titrate a water sample to a predetermined pH level using an acid, primarily relying on pH measurement. This method has several drawbacks, as pH measurements can be unreliable and require significant maintenance due to the need for frequent cleaning, calibration, and sensor replacement. In contrast, AlkaSense® employs conductivity as its principal measurement method, detecting changes in conductivity at a specific point when the alkalinity neutralizes the added acid (commonly PTSA (Paratoluenesulfonic Acid)). The amount of acid used at this inflection point, combined with its concentration, allows AlkaSense® to accurately measure total alkalinity. Given that the method is based on detecting an inflection point in conductivity, calibration of the conductivity sensor is unnecessary. Conductivity sensors are inherently durable and require minimal maintenance, enhancing their reliability and longevity.

Cost of Ownership

The AlkaSense® system eliminates the need for sensor
replacement, calibration, and routine cleaning, as the acid titration process
inherently maintains sensor cleanliness. The primary ongoing costs are
associated with the acid used and the semi-annual maintenance. Consequently,
the overall cost of owning an AlkaSense® unit is comparatively low, especially
when measured against alternative technologies. 

AlkaSense analyser

key benefits

  • Eliminates the need for calibration
  • Provides stable and reliable measurements for improved process control
  • Suitable for a wide range of pools and spas
  • Maintenance is required only once every six months
  • Utilises a straightforward and robust conductivity measurement method, as opposed to pH measurement


AlkaSense® is available as either a standalone device paired with an analyser/controller or as part of any of the AutoPool® and Autopool® 4.0 pool and spa controller range. It can also come equipped with full total alkalinity control options including changing the ration of dosed CO2 to acid to maintain a constant alkalinity….. no more hand dosing of acid!



AlkaSense® is calibrated for use with a specific acid of defined normality. It is advised not to change the acid unless there is a significant alteration in the sample composition. The preferred acid for use with AlkaSense® is PTSA (paratoluenesulfonic acid).

AlkaSense® is designed to measure M alkalinity only.

Yes, AlkaSense® is capable of accurately measuring M alkalinity, which includes the total of hydroxyl, carbonate, and bicarbonate alkalinity.

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