AutoPool® from Process Pools has everything the discerning pool owner needs to manage and control the disinfectant and acid dosing regime in a pool or spa. All versions come with a high quality pH sensor and a separate temperature sensor.

The pH sensor is stable and reliable and is perfect for measuring the pH in pool water. All sensors come pre-mounted on a backboard for easy and quick installation with the sensors mounted in flow cells (with a flow switch to alert if the flow is lost). Also included is an easy operator interface where all operators can do everything they need to do without having to manage complex menus.

The disinfection control can be done with an electrochemical sensor or an ORP sensor or both, with both technologies displaying in ppm on the display if preferred.

AutoPool ORP

In Europe, authorities have determined that parts per million (ppm) sensors offer optimal disinfection protection for swimmers. This has led to an increase in the use of ppm sensors to control chlorine levels in pools over the past 20 years. In the United States and other parts of the world, ORP measurement is still the primary method for pool control, but the trend is slowly transitioning towards using ppm sensors. This is because more and more pools are realizing that they can achieve better control with ppm sensors, resulting in better treated water, less corrosion, lower chloramines (chlorine smell), and reduced chemical costs.

The control of both pH and chlorine dose is done in an extremely powerful, yet simple. PID control loop with plenty of protection such as overfeed protection, as well as secondary set point dosing to manage faecal incidents. Newly introduced, all systems now come with MutoDrive®, a control algorithm that optimises the recirculating pump dependant on the bather load thereby saving on electricity, not just at night but during the day when electricity costs are the highest!

AutoPool ORP


Includes: pH, temperature, ORP, and 2 control outputs via relays. Back-board mounted with filter and flow regulation and MutoDrive®.

AUTOPOOL® Chlorine

Includes: pH, temperature, free chlorine and 2 control outputs via relays. Back-board mounted with filter and flow regulation and MutoDrive®.

AutoPool Chlorine
AutoPool DUO


Includes: pH, temperature, free chlorine, ORP and 2 control outputs via relays. Back-board mounted with filter, flow regulation and MutoDrive®.

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