Pi’s pool controller, the AutoPool 4.0, is used to monitor pH and chlorine levels for pool disinfection. An AutoPool 4.0 was recently installed at Lotherton Wildlife World, Leeds by Pi’s lead engineer and one of Pi’s sales executives. They spent the day installing, commissioning, and training site staff on the pool controller operation.

Lotherton Wildlife World collaborated with Sera to create a system that will manage the penguin pool. This provides the penguins with clean, disinfected water to swim in. The previous installed system required expensive monitoring and maintenance of the pool.

The AutoPool 4.0 provides automated chemical dosage control to maintain essential conditions. The AutoPool also comes with alarms to alert staff of any issues regarding pH or chlorine levels, and automatic data logging, meaning that they are now able to keep track of measurements overnight.

The keepers at the wildlife park were trained on their pool controller system from Pi and were surprised at how easy the system was to navigate. After the training they felt confident about changing settings to their required levels. A keeper thought that Pi’s AutoPool 4.0 system was ‘already much better than our previous one’. By installing Pi’s system, it will help provide the wildlife park with an accurate, reliable system to monitor their penguin pool.

Although Pi’s AutoPool 4.0 is most usually found in swimming pools for people, its versatility was explored in this exciting application!

If you would like to learn more about Pi and its products, please visit https://www.processpools.com

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