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One of Pi’s swimming pool controllers (AutoPool® 4.0) was recently installed at the luxurious, award winning Crow Wood Hotel and Spa. The AutoPool®4.0 is a swimming pool controller which provides automated chemical dosage and monitoring of pH and chlorine levels. This ensures that the users of the 10 pools at Crow Wood enjoy the best possible luxury experience.

Crow Wood has been using equipment from Pi for more than 10 years. The time had come to replace their previous Pi pool controller with an upgraded model. By making the AutoPool®4.0 available on their intranet, Crow Wood can use remote access to access their controller at any time, from anywhere. Specifically, Data Insite® for readings and reporting, and Control InSite® for remote setup and maintenance. You don’t have to be on site to access the controller!

With Crow Wood’s requirements of a swimming pool controller with the same great capabilities of their previous one but with better intranet connectivity, there was only one choice for their upgraded controller, the AutoPool® 4.0.

The AutoPool® and AutoPool®4.0 from Pi can be tailored to an individual’s needs, there is a choice from six pre-configured models, or there is an option to configure your own bespoke system. Choose either an AutoPool® or AutoPool® 4.0 controller and choose your sensor. There is a choice of up to 20 different sensors or 100+ different configurations!

If you would like to learn more about Pi’s AutoPool®, AutoPool® 4.0, and any other products, please visit: https://www.processpools.com/contact-us/

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