Circulation pumps are the highest consumers of energy in pools, closely followed by the heating of water. They are necessary to ensure that the pool is filtered, disinfected and retreated. In a cost of living crisis, being able to reduce usage of these pumps could be the difference between a pool staying open or having to close.

Following a press release focused around improvements in energy efficiency, the Lancashire Telegraph reported that East Lancashire swimming pools have been granted a £1.2m funding boost to reduce CO2 production. Pi’s sales team reached out to local leisure centres to see if we could do our bit to contribute to local improvements in energy efficiency, saving struggling local councils money. As part of Pi’s commitment to the environment, the algorithm that reduces electricity and CO2 usage, the MutoDrive® is included free with all AutoPools®.

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The AutoPool® from Pi is a total pool controller managing everything a pool needs to always maintain perfect levels of disinfection and therefore superior water quality, during all hours of the day. The AutoPool® is equipped with a pH sensor, separate temperature sensor and a Free Chlorine sensor. The added MutoDrive® enables circulation pump optimisation, altering the pump speed as bather load changes. This means that the AutoPool® automatically adjusts the pump speed based on residual biocide levels within the water.  The biocide demand is considered to be directly proportional to the bather load, which is used to optimise the water recirculation while maintaining the minimum movement of water around the pool, to ensure safety.


Pool Circulation Pumps – Main Pool (left), Teaching Pool (right)

On a visit to a local pool, Pi identified a pool with no bathers that had a pump working at 100% capacity. Using the MutoDrive®, the speed of the circulation pumps could have been reduced without compromising safety, thereby saving electricity, CO2  and money!  It was estimated that installing an AutoPool® with a MutoDrive® would have the potential to save that pool almost £14,000 in electricity use over a 1 year period, with the consequential reduction of CO2 production. This estimated figure does not include any additional potential maintenance savings or potential savings on dosing less chemical due to lower circulation.

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