Nanjing Sport Institute, one of China’s top sport universities, installed four sets of Pis swimming pool monitoring systems in October this year. These four sets of equipment are used to monitor the water quality of the swimming pools of the National team training center inside Nanjing Sport Institute and apply the pH correction and the real-time control of the disinfectant dosing through Pi’s CRIUS® 4.0 smart controllers.

AutoPool variants AutoPool4.0 ORP AutoPool4.0Pi’s Autopool® pool controller integrates pH, ORP, temperature, chlorine and other parameters to provide accurate, stable readings and requires minimal maintenance. Also, it is worth mentioning that Pi’s pool controller is not only a multi-parameter analyzer in the traditional sense, but also includes proprietary PID dosing control algorithms for pH correction and disinfectant control via relays and 4..20mA output. Also, its built-in safety cut-off system using integral flow switch and overfeed protection interlocks and other smart optional functions meet all of the increasingly common practical needs of pool customers.

Talking about the project, Fred from Pi’s main distributor in China, Beijing Anyuan Zhongzhi, said: “Pi’s swimming pool monitoring system is a customer’s favorite product, it is currently used by representative venues such as the Water Cube and the National Stadium. The case of Nanjing Sport Institute has once again proved that it not only well monitor the water quality of swimming pools, but also provide strong control over the dosage of chemicals.”

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