What to do with the sample from your pool controller or more importantly from your spa controller?

If you’ve got a balance tank in the right place, or if you have a big pool where putting the sample to waste forces some of the necessary dilution, then disposing of your controller sample is no problem.

Saving water with AutoPool®What if you have a small pool or a spa, maybe no auto topup? In these cases 0.5 L/min or 262,800L a year is a significant amount of water to lose.

Process Pools now has the solution in the form of the AutoPool® sample return system. Offering two solutions, one which return the sample to the suction side of the recirculation pump, and a second, pumped solution that can return the sample anywhere (up to 6 Bar), Process Pools has solved the ‘What to do with the controller sample’ question with both solutions being controlled by the AutoPool® controller.

One installation at the Watersplash Club in Barton-On-Sea has gone down well with the owner Malcolm Partridge who is extremely happy with the installation and the fact that he isn’t losing more than 260,000 litres of water a year!

Watersplash operates a wonderful pool and has been a Process Pools customer for ten years and we are happy to help Malcolm save water without introducing a disproportionate level of complexity.

For more information please contact Process Pools or visit www.processpools.com

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