AutoPool variants AutoPool4.0 ORP AutoPool4.015 years ago, Pools Ltd expert engineer Alan Murphy was approached by Burleigh Springs Leisure Centre, located on campus at Loughborough University, regarding which pool controller would be best suited for their facilities. He recommended Process Instruments’ pool and spa controller, AquaSense to be installed.

Since then, a new division within Pi has been launched, called Process Pools, along with new products, the AutoPool® controllers. On seeing the new controllers and the added benefits they bring; Alan recommended a Process Pools’ system be installed again at the Leisure Centre, and said, “The Controllers’ new features and easy-to-navigate control panel are leaps and bounds ahead of competitors version of the product”.

With over 40 years’ experience in this sector, and having worked all over the world, we are delighted that Alan chose an AutoPool® controller for this installation.

Leanna Bolton from Process Pools travelled to Loughborough University to see the recent installation of the AutoPool® Controller. She was happy to hear that the centre staff were pleased with the new functionality of their pool controller, particularly the opportunity to have remote access to the controller from any internet enabled device, resulting in reduced maintenance cost for the centre and more time for Alan to visit other customer pools.

For more information on Process Pools’ and the AutoPool® range, including the AutoPool®4.0 with remote access capabilities, please contact Process Pools via the website.

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